Chinspirations Vol. 2

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The latest book from the Chinspirations Trilogy is in! Rev. Kenneth Chin is fond of quotesl the shorter and simpler, the better. Most of these quotes were inspired from his walk with God and have become many's valuable reference points for their daily lives and walk with God. 

Quotes are simple and easy to catch, but they don't just give us a straight-out answer; they encourage us to go deeper instead. A memorable quote stays in your memory, gets you thinking... and hopefully comes to mind when you need that encouragement or direction the most.

  •  Every spread is uniquely designed.
  • Quotes are broken down to 7 categories: Faith, Heart, Roots, Prayer, Priority, Attitude, Thanksgiving.
  • Can be used as a journal to reflect according to the quotes.
  • Can be used for group study or as personal daily devotional.
  • Makes a great gift book! 

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