Now Every Believer Can

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"Can you plant a church without a pastor?"
"Don't you need to go Bible school first?"
"But I'm too young."
"We don't even have a worship band."

If you've ever uttered, heard, thought or believed any of the above statements, get ready to have everything you know, or think you know, turned upside down!

Now Every Believer Can is a book that will change your idea of what a church really is and challenge your beliefs on how God truly sees success.

It is a book filled with stories of radical obedience, of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God set forth, to pioneer, to break ground, and to lay the foundation of planting churches so that others may come to know Him.

We hope that this book will encourage you to make your God-given dream a reality and be a pioneer in your field - whether it's in church planting or not - to no longer live by excuses, but to live by exploits for His kingdom.

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