FAQ: How do I open my MTG file?

The MTG is in a ZIP file, how do I open it?

We have zipped all of the MP3 Audio and MP4 Video MTG files to help compress the file for easy download. You will need to UnZip or uncompress the files to be able to listen to the MTG. See the instructions below on how to open the files.

On a Mac:
To open a .zip file on a Mac you should be able to simply double click on it and it will open. If it does not, you may need to download a free program that can unzip folders. You can download one here: http://www.zipeg.com/. Once you have installed zipeg you should now be able to open file. Double click on the zip file, it will create a folder with all of the video files in it. You can delete the .zip file and you will still have a folder with your video files.

On a PC:
To open a .zip file on a PC right-click on it and select "Extract All." In the "Select a File and Destination" window, click "browse" to choose where the unzipped files should be stored. By default, Windows unzips compressed files to their original location. Click "Extract" to unzip the files. Once finished you will have a folder with the video files in it, you can now delete the original .zip file.


Why can’t I download my MTG on my iPhone/Android?

We do not recommend that you download your MTG on your smartphone as you will need a Third party App to download and open the Zip files or MP3 and MP4 files from the browser. Your current iOS might not support file downloading through a browser.

However, if you still want to its possible to download Zip Files and other files to your iPhone or Android

You can check out the articles below:

iPhone/iPad: http://www.gottabemobile.com/2016/01/20/how-to-download-and-open-zip-files-on-the-iphone/

Android: http://www.howtogeek.com/215539/how-to-open-and-create-zip-files-on-an-android-device/

Disclaimer: All other 3rd Party Apps downloaded in your smartphone is done under your own discretion. We do not encourage or insist that you do so to access the MTGs.


Okay I downloaded the files on my laptop, now how can I upload my MTG to my iPhone/iPad/Android phone?

Uploading your MP3 Audio or MP4 Video to your mobile phone is quite simple. You can use iTunes to upload the MTGs to your iPhone or the Android File Transfer App to upload it to your Android phone. There are a lot of instructions out there to help you with that depending not he type of smartphone you’re using, so you try googling a solution. :)