FAQ: I didn't get my MTG Download email. Please help.

I didn’t get my Download email and it’s been 7 days. Please help!

If you have not received your MTG download email after 7 days, please do check your SPAM inbox for any emails sent from notifications@fetchapp.com. We’re using a service called FetchApp to distribute all the digital downloads and the email might have been sent to your SPAM inbox. Please do indicate that emails sent from this email address is NOT SPAM.


I can’t find it in my SPAM inbox, is there anything else I can do?

If you cannot find it in your SPAM inbox, please do email us at customer@messagetogo.com and include your order number in the title of your email with the header:

“Message-To-Go: I have not received my order for MTG Order No: [your MTG order no]”.

We’ll do our best to get to the bottom of why you haven’t received it yet.

NOTE: MP4 Video MTGs will take a little longer to produce as it requires more care from us. So normally MP4 Videos will take 2 times longer to produce.