MTG Subscription Terms & Conditions

  • Subscription fees are non-refundable once you've signed up with any of our subscription plans.
  • Cancellation of subscription plan once payment is made is not allowed.
  • Our subscription plan only allows you to choose ONE church plant. In the event of any combined services, the MTG of the combined service for that particular week would be included in your subscription.
  • Subscription plans are not inclusive of special events [e.g. conferences].  It would be made available for sale separately.
  • The audio CD option is not available for our subscription plan.
  • Our subscription plans does not allow any transfers of membership. One person is entitled to one subscription plan.
  • Message-To-Go respects intellectual property rights and expect you to do the same. Copying, redistributing, reproducing, recording , selling, removing or altering any copyright or making available to the public without any consent is not permitted for any reason whatsoever.