What is MTG Subscription Plan?

With a Message-To-Go subscription, you get weekly messages on the go without having the hassle to queue at the booth weekly. We offer two kinds of subscription plans:



What is the duration of the subscription plan?

We offer both 6-months (26 weeks) and 12-months (52 weeks) subscription plans. This means that you will be getting a total of 26 MTGs for a 6-month subscription plan and 52 MTGs for a 12-month subscription plan. 


What MTGs can I choose for the subscription plan?

You have an option of both MP3 Audio MTGs or MP4 Video MTGs which you can choose from. You can only choose 1 option for each subscription plan.

You will also need to choose 1 of the multiple services which you wan to subscribe to. (e.g. Acts Central (8.00am), Acts Cheras, Acts Nilai, etc.) You can only choose 1 service for each subscription plan.


What if I want to subscribe to 2 services?

You can subscribe to 2 services by signing up for another subscription plan.


After I signed up for the subscription can I change the service I chose?

Unfortunately, you won't be able to change the format and service that you chose after your subscription plan is in effect. So choose wisely. :)


What is the benefit of the MTG subscription plan?


For more information, please see the MTG subscription plan T&C here.

If you have any queries regarding our subscription plan, please head over to any of our MTG booths.

Otherwise, you may contact us at customer@messagetogo.com or call +6 010-567 0038.