Pr Kenneth Chin

Just Add Water: John 2:6-8

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The theme for this Message-To-Go is “Drink more water!”. You’re probably thinking, yes, drinking plenty of water helps with your health, but how in the world does it relate to your spiritual well-being. Let us enlighten you with a catch: Adding clean water into your life is the secret recipe to living victoriously.

Curious about what it means to add water into your life? Are you consuming the right water or are you walking with contaminated water? In this message, Pastor Kenneth reveals the real power and truth behind the water. Listen to this message and be on the way to discover living life without dehydration. 

Message preached at Acts Churches Malaysia

Recorded 9.00am Service

29th January 2017 @ Acts Central, DVCC, Summit USJ

Speaker: Pr Kenneth Chin

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