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Barking Up The Wrong Tree: 2 Timothy 3:1-7

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In this Message-To-Go, Pastor Kenneth speaks about one of the common realities of our Christian walk – we do what is ‘holy’ in our sight and we follow the Christian textbook to the tee. However, is this what God really wants us to be doing? If we are not careful, our walk with God can become like a routine and in time, we will be stuck in a rut and not experiencing God’s abundance in our lives.

In this message, Pastor Kenneth unveils the cause of why we are not having a breakthrough in our lives. We have possibly been barking up the wrong tree. Are you struggling to experience your personal breakthrough? Listen to this message and reflect if you are living the way the Lord intended or just doing what you think is right.

Message preached at Acts Churches Malaysia

Recorded 10.00am Service

1st January 2017 @ Acts Central, DVCC, Summit USJ

Speaker: Pr Kenneth Chin

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